Thursday, 14 June 2012

Day 2 – Dornoch to Glencoe (124 miles)

After a hearty Scotch breakfast, day two began with the same good weather , well dry at least and favourable wind.  Legs were a little stiff but we soon warmed up and were soon flying down to Glenmorangie then inland to Beauly where we met Mark Murray, a friend of a friend who rode with us for much of the day. There was  a good climb on the way over to Drumnadrochit and a fast descent during which young Pat reached his age in mph (54 that is).  And then the first of the day's Lochs – Ness - in all its splendour. 

The scenery was amazing, trying to concentrate on the road whilst taking in the sights, and how insignificant we are in the bigger picture of things – literally! We then headed through Fort William, where the Downhill MTB World Cup weekend was just wrapping up, said good bye to Mark Murray and said hello to the rain for the remainder of our journey.  We headed into the hills / mountains and stayed at the Glencoe youth hostel, where we were the nearest to anything resembling youths. Pat felt  very at home.

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