Wednesday, 18 July 2012

My JOGLE - Paul "le Patron"

Training and preparation

Purposefully trained for about 10 months, gradually increasing weekday interval “turbo” sessions, and long rides at weekends.

Felt good during the training, felt strong and comfortable with the mileage.

Didn’t reduce other demands of my life and experienced sudden fatigue or “ran myself into the ground” a few weeks prior to the event – questioning whether I was going to do the event or not (up to a few days before departure).

The ride

Decided to give it a go and managed 570 miles in total before ill health stopped me from continuing. Loved cycling through Scotland and generally the north of the country.  The last couple of hours of each day were difficult and needed to just “switch off and turn the pedals over”.

Was much more of a “military operation” than I had expected and we didn’t have evenings to relax and wasn’t very social until the final night.  Would do the event over 10 days next time to make it enjoyable rather than just “doing it”.

Bike and equipment

Used a Ribble carbon bike, did the job excellently. Attention to detail regarding nutrition / fuelling was essential and worked well.

If I could do it all again…

In hindsight - when training, resting is just as important as … training.  Also, don’t just focus on the mileage you need to cover, get used to being on the bike for 9 hours a day.

The only trouble now is that I am left with some unfinished business…

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